Reg.Asia – The Pioneer of Digital Brand Protection and Domain Management Company In Southeast Asia

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Reg.Asia provides over 800 extensions worldwide and have the experience in protecting our clients brand presence of more than 100 countries in Asia, Europe, America, Australasia, Africa and Middle East. Established in the year of 2008, Reg.Asia is the corporate domain management division of  Web Commerce Communication (WEBCC) – One of the world’s leading ICANN accredited registrar, Top Asian registrar and ranked top 50 registrar worldwide with ISO 9001:2015 certification in provisioning of customer support & process enhancement for domain name compliances.

Reg.Asia specializes in providing corporate level online brand protection to increase revenue, build reputation and gain customers trust. Not to mention, our specialization also includes digital brand management to assure our clients are able to engage with their customers like never before.

As a specialist in both corporate level online brand protection and digital brand management we are your one stop center for Domain Portfolio Management, Domain Audit Report, Domain Brokerage and Escrow Service, SSL Portfolio, Registry-Level Domain Security, Personal Data WHOIS Protection, and Online Digital Reputation Management.

At Reg.Asia we can assure you that our services are prompt and efficient. With the experience and expertise of our team, clients’ can rest assure that their online brands in their business activities countries is safeguarded. This then allows clients to create new level of connections in potential markets, thus bringing of competitive advantage to their brand strength and value globally.

Acting as the corporate domain management division of Web Commerce Communications Limited (WEBCC), with over 18 years of experience in providing global Internet services and manages over 1,000,000 domain names all around the world. Reg.Asia is proud to be trusted by many Top brands in Southeast Asia to deliver the highest form of performance and reliability.