DPML & DPML Plus Program to Prevent Cybersquatting

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Reg.Asia offering Donuts’ DPML & DPML Plus Program, works in conjunction with Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) to Prevent Cybersquatting.

There were times where trademark owners purchased domains from different providers and frankly it’s a hassle. Donuts Inc., a registry that manages nearly 300 new gTLDs have domain-blocking services works in conjunction with Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH). DPML and the upgraded version DPML plus which covers over 235 extensions, makes trademark protection a whole sweeter.


Cost-effective way to protect brands and IP rights

  • DPML is a block service that prevents unauthorized third parties (ie. Domain squatters) from registering domains that exact match your trademark
  • DPML blocking is not applicable for instance, domains which have been classified as premium
  • The WHOIS directory will show you if a DPML block already exists for a specific domain and, if one has been applied, only trademark owners with a matching trademark can unblock it
  • Donuts DPML holders can purchase a DPML Plus block and replace their current block for 10 years

For example, with a single DPML purchase, PETRONAS could receive a block of the following for 5 years (renewals are still for 1-year):

* PETRONAS – the exact match


DPML PLUS enhanced protection

  • DPML PLUS allows trademark owners to block an exact match of their trademark plus three additional terms that are either misspells or contains the exact match
  • It blocks the terms across all Donuts TLD, including all standard and premium domain names
  • Includes unlimited free overrides for the duration of the 10-year term in addition to blocking overrides performed by other TMCH holders of identical terms
  • Are not subject to override registrations by other parties with the same trademark
  • An option to add additional misspells/contains for an additional fee.

For example, with a single DPML Plus purchase, PETRONAS could receive a block on all of the following for 10 years:

* PETRONAS – the exact match

* PETRONASINC – contains the trademark

* PETRONASOIL – contains the trademark

* PETRONASS – a misspell


Who can apply DPML? How to apply DPML?

  1. Must be a trademark holder with valid trademark registered
  2. Registered a mark with the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH). Once the TMCH has validated a mark, a SMD File (signed mark data file) will be issued, which can be used to submit a DPML Application


Protect your brands and trademarks with DPML or DPML Plus!

As web has evolved, the threats have multipled, online brand protection has never been more necessary. Your online brand name is one of your most important assets today. Protecting your business identity must be a top priority to ensure that it is not subject to phishing, and abuses which could tarnish and undermine your online reputation.

Protect your brands and trademarks from abuses. Contact Reg.Asia today to understand more and take the advantage of DPML and DPML Plus offers!