Think Twice Before You Click – Avoid From Tax Scammers and Hackers

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When you receive an email with a header like this ‘TAX REFUND REVIEW (YOU HAVE REFUNDS)’ you probably bursting with joy.

Well sometimes things that are too good to be true often enough ends with misery. Those dramatic responses that you have elicit is what gives the Fraudsters advantage in sending a phishing scams and hacking your personal and privacy.

WARNING! Officially LHDN would always use the domain



Image from LHDN

Please note that any tax government agent will not call or send you email regarding your tax rebates or refund and request any banking details because all banking details have already been obtaining through a declaration by the taxpayer when the complete the income tax return for yearly.

Also overdue tax refund that have been successfully process and calculated would be credited by LHDN into your account automatically using Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) or crossed cheque, or telegraphic transfer (for those who are overseas).


You have the right to verify the authenticity of the email you receive if it claims it’s from LHDN, because scammers and fraudster tend to use LHDN high ranking officer like the CEO in their phishing email in order to draw attention and give it the authenticity outlook. The easiest way you could identify fraud email is to check the email address used by the fraudster as it stands officially LHDN would always use the domain Despite this fact, you should always exercise caution as cybercriminal are known to make emails to look as if they are from LHDN and probably use the domain name but with extra letters.

Reg.Asia has a portfolio of anti-phishing solutions which protect brand and business against phishing and malware attacks. Preventing, Detecting and Mitigating threats, uses proprietary tools in minimizing impact to business and your customers.

Nevertheless, employees should carry out substantial checks before divulging confidential information about themselves or other employees, must also understand that they are the first line of defense against fraudsters.