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.INC Means Business

No matter you are an unincorporated start-up company or a multinational corporation, you will definitely need to acquire a fantastic domain name which fit your business perfectly. Show your business to the world with .INC domain is the best way!

“Inc.” stands for the company type “Incorporated”, which is used today by companies – especially in the United States, China, Australia, India and etc.

Who uses .INC?

Major brands such as Nike, Facebook, Amazon and American Express have all protected their brand by registering .INC. Many high-risk industry
leaders in banking, retail, & news that know the impact squatting and phishing have also registered .inc domains.

Millions of companies around the world end their names with “Inc.”, now you can end your domain names with .INC too! 

Why register .INC domains?
• .INC has been purchased by over 51% of Forbes Most Valuable Brands.
• Why spend money on premium domains when you can get you brand’s exact match domain for a fraction of the price.
• Cost of a cyber attacks has risen to an average of $8.6 million in the US, according to an IBM report. Save time and money by avoiding costly cyber crimes.
• 64% of businesses have already been cyberattacked According to an IBM report, 43% of attacks target SMBs – often by phishing employees with lookalike domain names.’
• 2021 New Year, New URL – That budget surplus from last year can be put to good use this year and improve your brand by making it more accessible, recognizable and on brand.

What are the benefits of .INC?
.INC is the domain ending for business. See how other companies are using .inc to their advantage:

Improve Branding: Use an exact match to your brand name that is easy to remember and shows instant credibility. Startups like Exo.inc (formerly exo-imaging.com) and Air.inc (formerly aircamera.com) have both secured new rounds of funding since upgrading their domain to a perfect match.Shorter Domains: Use .inc to be more mobile-friendly, authoritative, and memorable for your company, like Dental.inc (formerly IntegrativeDentalSpecialists.com) and FMG.inc (formerly FTRmedia.com).
Improve SEO: Collab.inc ranks #1 in Google for “Collab” – above Collab.com. Fluency.inc ranks #1 for “Fluency Inc” – ahead of TryFluency.com & GoFluently.com.
Rank internationally: Unlike most ccTLDs, .inc ranks internationally in Google and carry the same weight as .com. SF.inc (formerly SF.com.tw) and Event.inc (formerly EventInc.de) no longer have the geographic search limitations posed by their ccTLDs.

Why do .INC domains look so great?

People are accustomed to seeing “Inc.” at the end of company names, thus ending your domain names with .INC allow them to recognise your company as a legal corporation.

Register your domain name for your business with .INC today, this will be the best investment for your business in the digital future! 

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