Recapture Lost Traffic and Revenue to Cybersquatter and Counterfeiter

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Workshop: Recapture Lost Revenue and Lost Traffic to Cybersquatters and Counterfeiter

Reg.Asia organized a half day workshop about online brand protection for trademark holders and brand owners in Malaysia. The title of the workshop is Recapture Lost Revenue and Lost Traffic to Cybersquatters and Counterfeiter. It was held in Qinetics’ Multipurpose Hall, Technology Park Malaysia.

Our guests were served with local nyonya kuih as refreshment, a taste of our traditional delight. 

The Objectives

The objectives of the workshop is to create awareness of online brand protection and help organisations in better understanding of why online brand protection is important.

Speakers of The Day

Speaker 1: 

Susan Lien – Co-Founder of Reg.Asia

  • Has 6 years of working experience in industry.
  • Was with WebNIC from business operation to business development

Speaker 2: 

Mikaail Aiman – Digital Brand Consultant of Reg.Asia 

They had shared some industry news and experience about cyber squatting, relevant strategies to reduce cyber squatting and recapture potential traffic to web page. 

Summaries of The Workshop

  • Digital brand protection strategies to address challenges in the digital world
  • How to maximize exposure of your digital brand
  • How to Recapture lost traffic and robbed revenues from counterfeiters and cybersquatters
  • What business will benefits from online brand protection
  • Case studies

Moreover, there were also important topic covered during the workshop. For instance, brand protection and promotion strategies through gTLDs, New gTLDs, ccTLDs , and how domain portfolio is used to maximum brand exposure.

Reg.Asia would like to say thank you to our guests for made up time to attend our workshop. Stay tuned! Reg.Asia will have more workshops coming soon. Reg.Asia – Safeguarding Brands Online. For more information, please email to [email protected] or visit our website at

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