Top 5 Most Valuable Malaysian Brands’ Global Domain Taken Counts

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Brand Transformation in the Digital Age

Doesn’t matter if you are a business owner, working for a business owner, whether you are running an e- commerce shop from your bedroom or you are part of a large organization either way your company needs to have an online brand presence. This day your brand need to be not just physical but also visible online because this is where the eyeballs of modern worlds are and for that you need to be where people are looking. A survey done recently by Yelp reveals that, 85% of consumers are using online searches to find a local business shows that there are over 3.5 billion google searches daily worldwide with about 50% of those being on smartphones or mobile devices. So in short your brand needs to be where people eyes are.


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Top Valuable Brands in Malaysia and Domain Taken Counts

Mega Corporation like PETRONAS is aware of this behavioral patter and being a massive corporation in the oil and gas industry they are very particular of their brand names and its global footing. PETRONAS brand presence is over 60 countries worldwide and maintain as Malaysia TOP brand with brand value at 10.5 million USD in 2017 based on BRAND FINANCE, Malaysia 100 2017 The most valuable Malaysian brands of 2017 REPORT.

Following by GENTING with brand presence over 20 countries and brand value at 3.1 million in 2017. The keyword of genting has a total of 74 domains taken count worldwide. The third top brand in Malaysia is MAYBANK with brand presence over 20 countries, valued at 2.5 Million in 2017 and a total of 53 domains taken count for the maybank keyword. SIME DARBY with brand presence over 18 countries , and brand valued at 2.2 million USD in 2017 .  There are 35 domain names have been registered. Under Top 5 Most Valuable Malaysian brand,  CIMB BANK has presence in over 15 countries with brand value of 1.8 Million USD. CIMB – 4 characters ,short and easy to remember brand, having 57 domains taken count.

Taken Domains, How many were registered Cyber Squatters?

Things get interesting when we ask, out of hundreds of domain names that taken , how many are owned by the brands? how many are actually registered by cyber squatters? 

Cybersquatting: Everything You Need to Know

Cybersquatting is one of several types of cybercrimes. Cybersquatting refers to illegal domain name registration or use. Cybersquatter’s primary purpose is to steal or misspell a domain name in order to profit from an increase in website visits, which otherwise would not be possible. Cybersquatting also includes advertisers who mimic domain names that are similar to popular, highly trafficked websites.

Local Digital Brand Specialist with Global Expertise

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