Post-Event Recap of Develop Digital Future Webinar 2021

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Post-Event Recap of Develop Digital Future Webinar 2021

On 4th March 2021, Reg.Asia in partnership with DigiCert – one of the leading certificate authorities in the world, organized an event named Develop Digital Future: Cyber Security Management Made Easy Webinar 2021

The event was specially prepared for IT specialists who work in cyber security teams/departments and those who are involved in the cyber security industry. Our Develop Digital Future webinar event was done live via Zoom and it was a huge success! 

It was a closed event, in which approximately 46 privately invited attendees joined the event. During the webinar, the speakers shared their valuable opinions and thoughts on the importance of cyber security to their companies and the trends for the IT industry in the near future. With the rapid growth in cloud adoption and the current global data explosion, protecting business’s critical data and securing cloud network are more important than ever.

The Speakers

We invited well-known industry experts in this field to take part and speak in the workshop, where they shared helpful insights and their expertise on trending industry topics during the event.

Speaker: Gabriel Chan

Webinar Topic: 

DigiCert 2021 and beyond – How to better secure your TLS network

Gabriel introduced a complete certificate lifecycle management named CertCentral in the webinar. CertCentral gives us more control over our certificates, allowing us to manage all of them in the same place, store important details securely and reduce manual tasks. He also introduced two powerful tools on CertCentral, which are Discovery and Automation.

Speaker: Susan Lien

Webinar Topic: Safeguarding brands online

During the webinar, Susan highlighted that domain names are the first and foremost concern in cyber security. Due to the increased risks of existing cyber security issues happening to many businesses during Covid-19, she presented five best practices for domain security which included:

  • Selection of domain & DNS service providers
  • Enable Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Enable Registry Lock/ Domain Hijacking Lock
  • Enable WHOIS Protection
  • Add SSL Certificate to your sites

The Q&A

With cloud scan, port 443 is the only port allowed to be selected. But with sensor-based scanning, yes you can either specify the required port or the entire 65535 ports.

Refer to the link below (section 3c) for more information: cloud scan, port 443 is the only port allowed to be selected. But with sensor-based scanning, yes you can either specify the required port or the entire 65535 ports.

At this point, PQC is a future-proof concept as quantum computers are not fully available for everyone yet. PQC is definitely a greater option in 3 to 5 years later when quantum computers are available. RSA is standardised and supports most of the applications and services. For comparable levels of security, ECC keys are smaller than RSA keys and they can be computed considerably faster. ECC is more secure compared to RSA but it requires user to have ECC compatible browsers.

Additional info:

Yes, it does. Discovery checks your network for TLS/SSL endpoint vulnerabilities. If Discovery finds a TLS-related endpoint vulnerability, it may lower the endpoint’s security rating. It may also result in a warning. Warnings should be noted, and efforts should be made to fix the vulnerability.


The main purpose of using CAA is to be in control of which CAs are allowed to issue SSL/TLS certificate for the domain. In other words, CAA records are intended to prevent CAs from improperly issuing certificates.

This also implies that employees within the company can only purchase certificates from the specified CA listed on CAA.

Learn more at

When a user requests the validity of a certificate, an OCSP request is sent to an OCSP Responder. This checks the specific certificate with a trusted certificate authority and an OCSP response is sent back with a response of either ‘good’, ‘revoked’ or ‘unknown’. OCSP should not be a factor that affects the website speed.

DigiCert OCSP has an uptime of 100% and response time that is up to 8x faster than other Certificate Authorities.


If customers are still experiencing a slow HTTPs connection, they can utilize the OCSP stapling technology to enhance the loading speed.

Additional information:

However, the drawback here is not all browsers can support OCSP stapling.

Yes. Below are the benefits that you can enjoy:

  • A Dedicated Account Manager
  • Training & Workshop
  • Installation Support
  • Emergency Hotline
  • Payment (30 days credit terms)
  • Certificate Management (Consolidate and manage your certificate under one portal)

Cybersquatting / infringement issues and their impacts can be reduced and minimized by the following measures:

  • Register/ acquire/ backorder related gTLDs, ccTLDs and New gLTDs of your brand name.
  • DPML program offers by Donuts registry for TMCH owner. Once the DPML subscription is complete, the trademark term is blocked from registration in all Donuts’ TLDs for an initial period of five years. A block is not a registered domain. Therefore, it cannot be used for a website or for email, and it does not resolve.
  • Submitting UDRP is a longer and time-consuming process and the result is unknown.

Domain WHOIS protection is a privacy protection service to mask your identity from the domain WHOIS lookup. The advantages of having it are as below:

  • Protect Domain Registrant / Admin / Technical / Billing contacts’ personal information
  • Prevent unsolicited marketing outreach
  • Minimize spam
  • Greater control over your personal information

Yes, Reg.Asia offers more than 800 extensions worldwide.
We are trusted by many global brands like PETRONAS, Giti Tire, Great Eastern Life, Huawei, Park Hotel Group, etc.

The Quiz Winners

Congratulations to the winners of our quiz sessions during our Develop Digital Future Webinar 2021! There is a total of 9 winners who answered the quickest with the correct answer.

Thanks to All For Making Our Webinar A Huge Success!

We’d like to thank all participants who attended and made Develop Digital Future: Cybersecurity Management Made Easy webinar a success! Special thanks to our event sponsor DigiCert. We also appreciate and want to thank our invited speakers, Susan Lien and Gabriel Chan for the excellent sharing. It was a fruitful webinar.

We hope you enjoyed the webinar and we look forward to meeting you again in our future event!

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