ccTLDs Your Business Booster

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ΤΗΕ standard extensions that is widely used in every part of the world are .COM or .NET. This is a fact because every time you want to register a domain name the first thing you would look for is .COM and then .NET. It doesn’t matter if you are just a startup company or your business have been running for years by registering the right ccTLDs you could gain more online traction and uncover great opportunities.



Every ccTLD is catered for specific country, meaning that no other country could take that away from you. For example .MY is use to specifically target internet user in Malaysia, .ID is used for Indonesia, .SG is use for Singapore and .TH is used for our neighboring country Thailand.

By using ccTLDs it allows you to target traffic from specific areas of the world. Let’s say you want to target visitor from Indonesia to your Indonesia based cosmetic website; you may want to consider something like (BRAND NAME).CO.ID or (BRAND NAME).ID as your domain extension. This then ensures that you’re showing up in the search result of those who are living in Indonesia rather than Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore or other part of the world.

Google really love ccTLDs. This is a fact due the reason being, in the list of elements it uses to determine country targeting, Google put ccTLDs at the top of the list. This ties into your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) value as well. Using a ccTLD gives you a higher SEO value for country-based search results.



For the e-commerce business or anything to do with Internet, you should know that customer recognition and trust comes hand in hand. Because with one another you can ensure the customer buying power is secured.

Now a day’s customer are very security conscience and they will only engage with you if you are trustworthy. Another reason for using ccTLDs is that international users are familiar with them. People have no trouble identifying, for example, .COM.SG/.SG as an extension used to target either web users in the Singapore or even users outside of the SG who are looking for SG-related content.

Thus since customer consider the website to be local, they may feel that it’s easier to make purchases, especially if they see that the address is somewhere that they recognize rather than a foreign address. Besides that people have the tendency to engage and make transaction to websites that are in their own native language and currency.


The reality of today is that, each day there are few and fewer .COMs available. Therefore, grabbing yourself a ccTLDs is the smartest way to put your business on the map of the internet world. Because you are providing yourself with a valuable internet real estate which these days are very hard to come by.

Just because you aren’t able to register that .COM domain you were looking for everything else turns to ashes, with relevant ccTLDs you are still able to relate your business name with your domain name because as long as there is alternative such as .MY/.SG/.ID and many more, you can rest assure your business will always have an impactful online presence.

All in all ccTLDs open ups the internet space while providing you with more options and opportunities. Acting as the corporate domain management division of Web Commerce Communications Limited (WEBCC), with over 18 years of experience in providing global Internet services and manages over 1,000,000 domain names all around the world, Reg.Asia is proud to be trusted by many Top brands in Southeast Asia to deliver the highest form of performance and reliability.